QI HO– USE OF SICHUAN Wan Chai Hong Kong

QI HO– USE OF SICHUAN Wan Chai Hong Kong



Qi House of Sichuan is set amongst the cluster of busy restaurants adjacent to Wanchai’s Ship Street.  Serving up fiery Sichuan cuisine in a modern and clean setting, Qi is a great spot to share a meal with your chili loving friends.  Our favourite dishes included the sweet and spicy bang bang chicken in peanut sauce,  the perfectly cooked and flavourful chili oil wontons, and the excitingly spicy cumin lamb with roasted chili.  The service is friendly and they even have an outdoor terrace perfect for enjoying a cool evening.  Perfect for when that chili craving hits.

Qi House of Sichuan, Shop 12, 2/F, J Senses, 60 Johnson Road, Wan Chai
2527 7117


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