TRAVELS: KEUN-GAET-MUL Sliced Raw Fish Restaurant Jeju, Korea

TRAVELS: KEUN-GAET-MUL Sliced Raw Fish Restaurant Jeju, Korea

Aside from incredible sunsets and perfect views, Jeju Island offers plenty for a seafood obsessed person like myself.  The entire island is brimming with seafood eateries, from small basic venues to waterside restaurants with cozy private dining rooms.  One of the local delicacies that must be tried is their sliced raw fish, similar to Japanese sashimi, but with a Korean twist.  We chose a pretty establishment close to the port where the fare is freshly caught every day, and served with various leaf wraps, sauces, and kimichi.  At Keun-Gaet-Mul we were treated to a seafood feast to accompany our raw sliced fish and abalone.  The side dishes come as a set when you order the raw platters, so no need to interpret or translate the menu.  Just order the raw fish of your choice and everything else will be brought to your table.  I highly recommend the sliced white fish and grilled mackerel, and don’t forget to leave room for a traditional spicy hotpot and personal sized stone pot rice which is served at the end of your meal.  I highly recommend this Jeju delicacy when visiting the island.  One of my absolute favourite meals during our Korean trip.

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