Broken Eggs Bangkok

Broken Eggs Bangkok

Credit – Tamorlan under CC BY 3.0 License

Didn’t expect that title, did you? At this point you may be asking: Why are there broken eggs in Bangkok, and why should I care?

Well, Broken Eggs Bangkok is a trendy little establishment on Ekkamai Road that boasts of Spanish cuisine with a unique twist. “Unique” certainly is the word for the place, as it features décor that one wouldn’t often see in a Spanish restaurant. The inside showcases a wall-length mural of an elephant, an octopus, and a chicken — all with their own symbolic meaning.

The elephant, of course, represents Thailand and the head chef, Jacobo Astray. The octopus references the stellar seafood dishes of Galicia in Spain, where Astray was born and raised. And last but not least, the chicken and the pile of eggs next to it tie directly to the restaurant’s name. Broken Eggs is actually the English translation of huevos rotos,
a traditional Spanish dish that is a staple in Madrid’s most beloved restaurants. It’s made of eggs with a runny yolk served over fried potatoes and pieces of meat — often chorizo or sliced ham — on top.

But what’s this Spanish staple doing in the middle of Bangkok? Well, Expat Bets’ guide to Thailand points out that the Thai capital is a hotspot for not just foreign tourists, but also for expats looking to enjoy the best of what the city has to offer. Though there is still a bit of a language barrier, the city provides plenty of opportunities to make a living, travel, and of course, eat.

And eat you will, when you visit Broken Eggs Bangkok. With a wide array of tapas — that is, Spanish appetizers or snacks — you’re sure to find something to your taste. What better way to start than with the restaurant’s namesake? Their version of broken eggs (B220) lets you choose between jamon, chorizo, or mushrooms for toppings.

In the mood for seafood? Try their grilled octopus accompanied by a potato purée and a dash of paprika (B380). If you want a light snack, then the garlic shrimps are to die for.

If you still have room in your belly, then don’t pass up the chance to grab some dessert! Broken Eggs Bangkok has a wide variety of flavours in their dessert menu. Indulge in a decadent mint and mango cheesecake (B180) or opt for more familiar tastes, like some macadamia ice cream (B180). They serve a heaping scoop topped with white chocolate sauce and chocolate crumble.

With all that said, it’s clear that if you’ve got a hankering for Spanish cuisine with a Thai flair, you should head on to Broken Eggs. (And marvel at that mural while you’re at it.)

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