Eat Mai? Delivery Service in Chiang Mai

Eat Mai? Delivery Service in Chiang Mai

Delivery from Eat Mai? to our room at Art Mai? Gallery Hotel Chiang Mai

Chicken Satay


Italian Sausages

Pepperoni Pizza from Kate Pizza

Refresh Mai?

Delivery Packaging

Eat Mai? is the ideal solution for those who want to eat delicious meals in the comfort of their hotel room or home while staying in Chiang Mai. The easy to use service offers an array of mouthwatering fare and incredibly fast delivery in the area. We loved the indulgent pizzas from Kate Pizza & Pasta and refreshing iced teas from Refresh Mai?  The best part is you don’t have to place multiple orders.  Get your Thai food, Italian fare, and boba teas all in one order and delivered at the same time to your location. A perfect option for families or groups looking to order a variety of fare that will be delivered on time and with quality you can trust.

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