SHUGETSU Ramen Central Hong Kong

SHUGETSU Ramen Central Hong Kong



I am a huge fan of ramen, and always on the search for authentic Japanese spots serving the inviting and comforting traditional noodle dish. Shugetsu, set on trendy Gough Street, boasts long waits and delicious ramen to match. We found ourselves there mid afternoon to avoid the crowds and sat down for a few of their speciality dishes. I loved the Abura Ramen which combined perfectly cooked pork, delicious sauce and scallions all pulled together with a rich, raw egg and served without the usual broth. The Grilled Kurobuta Pork Belly Ramen was also mouthwatering, boasting a fragrant and comforting broth alongside tender pork belly. My personal favourite was their Tsukemen, which features the rich pork belly broth and thick ramen served separately for dipping. Choose between 100g, 200g or 300g of ramen, all costing the same price of $85. One of my favourite ramen joints in HK offering unique versions of the traditional dish.

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Shugetsu, G/F, 5 Gough Street, Central
2850 6009