Omakase Kaiseki: Appetiser

Green Peas Tofu, Bamboo Shoot Kinome Miso, Sea Eel Small Sushi, Nanohana with Dried Mullet Roe, Baby Squid

Signature Dish

Crispy Sushi Burger

Signature Dish

5 Kinds of Sushi Platter

Omakase Kaiseki: Sashimi

Sea Urchin, Yellowtail, Snapper, Toro

Omakase Kaiseki: Steam

Steamed Sea Eel, Glutinous Rice with Sakura Leaf

Omakase Kaiseki: Fry

Sweet Fish Tempura

Omakase Kaiseki: Small Hot Pot

Red Sea Bream, Wakame, Bamboo Shoot in Hot Pot

Omakase Kaiseki: Grill

Grilled A5 Beef, Truffle Infused

Omakase Kaiseki: Rice

Assorted Vegetable Tempura, Red Miso Soup, Pickles

Omakase Kaiseki: Dessert

Matcha Tiramisu

ZS Hospitality Group have opened Sakana No Aji, a Japanese sushi and sashimi restaurant, in the heart of Central serving mouthwatering fare flown straight from Japan. Executive Chef Suzuki Takeshi has created an innovative, modern menu using only the freshest ingredients on offer. With elements of nature the restaurant’s interiors were inspired by lush bamboo groves and calm oceans creating a relaxing atmosphere. We loved sitting at their interactive sushi bar, watching the talented chefs serve up each dish in front of us. Make sure to order their unique Signature “Crispy Sushi Burgers” and the creative “5 Kinds Of Sushi Platter” is a must try here. We also recommend their Omakase Kaiseki and loved the appetizer platter with Green Peas Tofu, Bamboo Shoot Kinome Miso, Sea Eel Sushi, Nanohana with Dried Mullet Roe and Baby Squid, the Sahimi course with Sea Urchin, Yellowtail, Snapper and Toro, the Hot Pot with Red Sea Bream, Wakame and Bamboo Shoot, the Sweet Fish Tempura, and the tender Truffle Infused Grilled A5 Beef. Make sure to pair with some crisp refreshing sake from their well curated selection for a memorable and enjoyable dining experience.

2/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

+852 2896 6018

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