“Taste of Two Cities” Omakase Menu at Kishoku

“Taste of Two Cities” Omakase Menu at Kishoku

Choosing our sake cup


Snow Crab with Ponzu Jelly

Oysters from Kyushu & Hokkaido Akkeshi

Oyster from Hokkaido

Winter Amberjack Sashimi from Hokkaido (Left) & Greater Amberjack Sashimi from Kyushu (Right)

Arkshell Sashimi from Miyagi Yuriage & Whelk Sashimi from Hokkaido

Soy Marinated Blue Crab from Aichi

Tuna Belly prepared two ways

White Truffle Steamed Egg Custard

Kinki Fish Sushi [Hokkaido]

Black Throat Seaperch Sushi [Tsushima]

Kuruma Shrimp Sushi [Okinawa]

Botan Shrimp Sushi [Hokkaido]

Two Types of Sea Urchin [Hokkaido]

Uni & Salmon Roe

Seasonal Fruit & Dessert


Kishoku, one of our favourite innovative omakase dining spots, has introduced a new delicious and interesting menu perfect for foodies around the city. The “Taste of Two Cities” menu encourages you to not only enjoy the dining experience and high quality fare but also recognise the flavour differences from certain regions and how the produce differs in each course. The menu features similar items of seafood from two different regions so you can savour their distinct flavours and textures as well as explore ingredients from all over Japan. We loved the fresh oysters, unique differences in the mouthwateringly tender amberjack, and the decadent Tuna Belly served two ways. Another highlight was the indulgent Soy Marinated Blue Crab from Aichi, temptingly served raw and bursting with richness. Make sure to pair your meal with options from their extensive sake collection and sit at the sushi bar for the full authentic experience.


5th Floor, ZING!, 38 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

+852 2893 0333

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