Alma Restaurant at Casa Andina Premium Arequipa

Alma Restaurant at Casa Andina Premium Arequipa

Alma Restaurant

Shrimp Ceviche

Cream of Rocoto, Chile Lime, Onion and Coriander

Trout with Albaca Risotto

Mellow Rice with Albaca, Trout Fillet and Butter a la Meuniere

Lomo Saltado

Fine Beef Loin Sautéed with Andean Fries and Rice

Tomahawk Duroc

Duroc Pork of 500g with Golden Potatoes

Set in the stunning and historic Casa Andina Premium Arequipa, Alma Restaurant is an ideal fine dining experience during your visit to the city. We loved the grand space, elegant ambiance, and mouthwatering menu brimming with elevate Peruvian specialities. Highlights included the refreshing shrimp ceviche, the tender and juicy Lomo Saltado, and the decadent Tomahawk Duroc. Our kids loved the Chicken Soup and we enjoyed celebrating the grandeur of the refined dining establishment. Service was friendly and discreet throughout our dinner and we highly recommend pairing your meal with a few of their signature Pisco Sours. The bar and beautiful lobby area are a perfect spot for a night cap after a memorable dinner at Alma. A must visit for foodies during their trip to Arequipa.

C. Ugarte 403, Arequipa 04001

+51 (054) 226891