Palomino Island Tour with Ecocruceros

Palomino Island Tour with Ecocruceros

Palomino Island Tour with Ecocruceros

Lunch box provided by Holiday Inn Lima Airport

Isla San Lorenzo

Have you ever dreamed of swimming with the cutest sea lions? We were lucky enough to join Ecocruceros on a fun adventure to Palomino Island. The pier in Callao is located only a short drive from Lima Airport and the friendly team met us on the promenade to guide us to our ocean excursion. We boarded a spacious yacht and enjoyed the cruise on the way to the island famed for sea lions.

Our guide was engaging and informative pointing out wildlife and other historic spots along the way. We enjoyed the Pacific Ocean breeze and beautiful ride before arriving at Palomino Island. We were instantly stunned by the epic sight. Hundreds of sea lions covered the island and istnatnly started following and swimming towards our boat.

We parked at a secluded spot and our tour guide provided us with wetsuits and life jackets so we could jump in with the friendly sea pups. As soon as we jumped in the sea lions started coming towards us, inquisitive but keeping their distance. We were so excited to be close to the naturally playful and cute animals. They swam and dipped around our group and even gave kisses. Our guide ensured we were safe, and also provided us with useful information to ensure we didn’t disrupt or harm the animals. The entire experience was unforgettable, well organised, and very family friendly.

Thank you to Holiday Inn for not only arranging the incredible experience but booking us all necessary transport and providing packed lunches so our day was seamless. A perfect hotel for visiting this amazing site just outside of the centre of Lima.

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