Great British Restaurant at DUKES London

Great British Restaurant at DUKES London

Gin Cured Lock Duart Salmon

Salted cucumber, smoked trout pâté, soda bread

Loin of Cornish Pollock

Braised emmer wheat and green lentils, korma spices, coriander, crispy kale seasoned with Exmoor caviar salt

Neck of Cumbrian Lamb

Roasted Scottish langoustine, confit turnip, burnt onion, lamb sauce split with langoustine oil

Grass Fed Fillet Steak

Kids Menu

GBR Bramley Apple Crumble

Soft centre vanilla parfait, crumble, red apple sorbet, stewed Bramley apples

Delve into gourmet British fare at a classic and sophisticated dining venue located in one of London’s most historic hotels.  The Great British Restaurant, located in DUKES London, serves traditional British dishes with a modern twist. We loved the sumptuous and ambient dining room, impeccable service, and quintessential London charm. Highlights of the menu include the delicate Gin Cured Lock Duart Salmon, insanely juicy Neck of Cumbrian Lamb, and perfectly grilled Grass Fed Fillet Steak. The entire menu utilises high quality local ingredients and is full of flavour and style. They are a family friendly establishment and were very welcoming to our children. Little ones are greeted with colouring books and pencils and they have a dedicated healthy and delicious menu sure to please young foodies. A must dine spot for those wanting to taste a true slice of British cuisine at the heart of London.

36 Little St James’s St, St. James’s, London SW1A 1NS

+44 20 7491 4840

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